10 Reasons To Visit New York City This Spring

Got wanderlust? Allow us to tempt you with the thought of a fun-filled trip to New York City. There’s never really a bad time to visit the Big Apple, but there’s something about spring that transforms the city into something truly magical. The weather is pleasant, but it’s not too hot. The flowers and trees are in bloom, coloring the city in soft, seasonal hues, and the summer crowds haven’t arrived yet. In other words, spring is the perfect season to hop a flight, book a LaGuardia Airport car rental, and experience the city at its finest.

Not yet convinced? Here are 10 compelling reasons to visit New York City this spring.

The temperatures

You’ll notice a chill in the air in early spring, but by mid-spring the weather will be downright pleasant. Even if you have a beautiful LaGuardia Airport car rental, you’ll do a lot of walking in NYC, so good weather is appreciated.

International culture

You won’t have to visit anywhere else for awhile to get your “travel fix.” You’ve got Little Italy, Chinatown, Flushing (the Chinatown of Queens), international shopping options, international shows, and more culture than you could ever dream of at museum exhibits and shows. New York’s museums have some of the finest cultural relics from all over the world. If you’ve been envisioning a trip to Europe or Asia that isn’t in the cards right now, you can calm your jet-setting urges for awhile by visiting New York.

The flowers are in bloom

Most notably, the cherry blossoms that begin to bloom in early April. They are beautiful, and you can see them on many city streets. Get your fill at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Central Park or one of the city’s numerous small parks. You can also attend the Macy’s Flower Show between March 22 and April 4, when gorgeous flowers overtake the ground floor of Macy’s in Herald Square.

The energy

April and May bring a great deal of energy to the already bustling city. As the sun begins to shine, tables appear on sidewalks outside restaurants, windows of shops open, and people get excited for the upcoming events. Everyone sheds their layers from winter and starts to talk to each other more.

Baseball season

Even if you’re not a Mets or Yankees fan, if you appreciate the game of baseball, you’ll love seeing a game in New York. Opening day in the city is always a fun time.

The TriBeCa Film Festival

There are always festivals happening in the city, and spring is especially full of exciting events. But the TriBeCa Film Festival is a must for any film fan or person who can appreciate the arts. The festival is 11 days long, running from April 13-24, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend enjoying New York. Plus, if you’re a film buff, there will be hordes of wonderful people to talk to and network with.

Food festivals

Speaking of festivals… you’ll find food festivals galore in New York City in the spring. Mac Daddy, a mac and cheese festival hosted by Time Out New York, is held on March 29. Sign up for a one hour time slot between 11 AM and 6 PM to be able to eat and vote for the best mac and cheese in the city. On April 9, head to Staten Island for its annual BBQ Cookoff. This is a family-oriented event that includes plenty of BBQ sampling, awards with cash prizes and live entertainment. And it’s not all about food. Beer and wine lovers will appreciate all the spirits-related events that take place in spring. At the Spring Craft Beer Festival at Belmont Park Race Track, you can sample two ounce pours of 100 U.S. craft brews (though we do not recommend trying them all).

Picnics in Central Park

It’s finally picnic season. If you’ve never enjoyed a picnic lunch or dinner at the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, put it on your NYC bucket list right away. The stunning skyline views are unforgettable. Also, it’s a designated quiet zone, so you’ll enjoy a little bit of serenity in the city. Park your LaGuardia Airport car rental and get out to enjoy.

The deals

Spring break is a busy time in New York, but you also might be able to find some wonderful last-minute travel deals before the summer chaos starts.


Because it’s New York… and sometimes, that’s the only reason you need.

Reasons To Visit New York City This Spring

We hope we’ve convinced you to visit! If so, make sure to reserve your LaGuardia Airport car rental from Action today.