Surviving New York Summer: 10 Ways To Beat The Heat

rooftop Surviving New York Summer Ways To Beat The Heat

Despite the minor unpleasantries of a New York City summer (yes, we’re talking about the garbage smell), we wait all year to enjoy the longer days, warm nights and beautiful weather. If you’ll be visiting the city this season, come prepared for humid days that make the temperatures seem higher than they really are. But fear not, because there are plenty of ways to beat (and embrace) the heat.

Make sure you have a good New York luxury car rental, because sometimes you’ll need to escape the city to truly appreciate summertime in New York. Besides, with dozens of amazing attractions located just a few hours (or less) away, you’ll want to take advantage of all the state has to offer. If you’re traveling with a group or you’d like to explore some of New York’s tougher terrain, consider an SUV rental New York. Otherwise, anything you feel like driving will suffice.

Once you’ve arrived, here are 10 fun ways to enjoy the summer in New York:

Enjoy a meal and a beverage on a rooftop.

Summer is outdoor dining season in New York, and we’ve got some wonderful options. STK Downtown & Rooftop, Gallow Green and Juliette are all great places to go for a cocktail and some food. The Top of the Standard offers unforgettable view. And for a delicious Mexican meal, head to the Cantina Rooftop on West 48th Street.

Go on a river cruise.

Care for a dinner cruise? A boat ride around Hudson Bay? You’ll find it all in New York, especially in Manhattan. Cruise around and see the city skyline from a different perspective.

Drive up to Niagara Falls and join the tourists.

Pick a weekday, and get there early—very early—if you want to take the Maid of the Mist tour. Niagara Falls is typically packed with tourists, and it’s a long way from New York City. But if you’ve never seen it, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Cool off at a museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The MOMA. The Museum of the City of New York. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Whatever kind of art you’re in the mood for, New York will have it… and it will probably be air conditioned.

Get out of the city and find a swimming hole.

Outside of Manhattan, New York has some incredible natural beauty, including plenty of lakes and swimming holes. Take a less crowded dip in the water and enjoy a day escape.

Go whitewater rafting.

Feeling a little adventurous? Drive to the Adirondacks, which are located about 270 miles north of Manhattan. The Hudson River, which winds over 300 miles from metro New York City to Mount Marcy’s Lake Tear of the Clouds, was deemed one of the top 10 whitewater rafting trips in the United States. Since it’s such a long drive from the city, this is something you’ll want to allow a couple of days for—but if you’re up for the adrenaline rush, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Hit the beach (an underrated one).

Everyone knows about Coney Island and the Hamptons. And those spots are amazing. But for a more relaxed day, head to one of New York’s more out-of-the-way beaches. Wildwood State Park will give you stunning views of the Long Island Sound while surrounding you with white, sandy beaches and beautiful bluffs. And Jones Beach, which is close to the city, is known for its outdoor theater—but you’ll also find miles of beautiful shoreline to explore.

Find some of the city’s best ice cream.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day quite like an ice cream cone. Try the gourmet Sundaes and Cones on East 10th Street in Manhattan, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (yes, really!) for some quirky combinations, or Eddie’s Sweet Shop for a classic, retro experience.

Go for a scenic drive.

Climb into your car rental New York, crank up the AC, find your favorite tunes and go for a drive. There are a number of scenic byways in New York, and some of them are fairly close to the city. The Kittatinny Ridge Loop, for example, will run you along the Delaware River and around the flat-topped Kittatinny Ridge, a haven for wildlife watching and exploring charming historic towns. The whole loop takes about two and a half hours without stops, so you could do it all in a day and make it back to Manhattan before bed.

Spend the day at Central Park.

Central Park is a place that both tourists and locals love. Even when it’s hot and muggy, there’s something fun for everyone to do. You can enjoy a picnic with your favorite cool treats, rent a rowboat at the Loeb Boathouse, explore the Central Park Zoo or enjoy a meal at Caffe Storico (or Tavern on the Green if you’re feeling fancy).

Only In New York: 4 Experiences You Can ONLY Have In The Big Apple

Only In New York 4 Experiences Have In Big Apple Statue of liberty

“Only in New York” is so much more than just an expression. While every city has its unique traits, there really, truly is no other place on Earth like New York City. From our incredible history to our world famous museums. Our city ia a cultural melting pot of our neighborhoods. You won’t find anything like the big apple NYC anywhere else. So the next time you’re in a “New York state of mind,” indulge the craving, because nothing else will do.

Read on for examples of four experiences you can’t have anywhere else. To properly pull them off, first do your research on a car rental New York deal that will work for you. This will make going from place to place more convenient and save you tons of money on subway, taxi and town car fees. If you have a large family, finding a minivan rental New York special will be surprisingly easy and very convenient.

Once you’ve got your ride secured, buckle up and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Here are a few adventures that will leave you saying, “Only in New York!”

Dine on legendary Jewish food and sing your heart out at a bar with “grocery” in the title.

The story behind the iconic New York staple “Russ & Daughters” is fascinating. In 1907, a man named Joel Russ immigrated to New York from Germany in hopes of a better life. His older sister was already here and encouraged him to come, although when he did, she accidentally forgot about him and made him wait for two days at Ellis Island before she picked him up! Joel worked hard selling strings of Polish mushrooms, and during that time he also married a woman named Bella and had three daughters with her.

Joel opened his first store in 1914, and in 1920 he opened a bigger one. One by one, his daughters began to learn the business from him and worked alongside him. He changed the name of his business to “Russ & Daughters” in 1933, and with hard work and sacrifice (including selling their house!), the business survived. Even after Joel Russ’s passing, it remained family owned and operated, and you can still enjoy purchasing high end groceries and appetizers at Russ & Daughters or have a meal the nearby Russ & Daughters Cafe. Theirs is a story like no other.

And you’ll find Arlene’s Grocery in the same neighborhood as both Russ & Daughters locations, which is a former bodega that has been a showcase for local NYC bands since 1996. On Monday and Fridays, their famous karaoke band will give you a taste of the limelight. The people watching is amazing here, and it’s an experience you’ll only find in the Big Apple.

Walk the High Line.

Also known as High Line Park, the High Line is a mile and a half long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of an old NYC railroad spur called the West Side Line. Better yet, it’s a testament to community activism and urban beautification efforts.

The High Line was almost demolished in 1999. But Robert Hammond and Joshua David, two locals, started a nonprofit group called Friends of the High Line. They advocated for the line’s preservation and use a public open space, and soon fundraising events were organized by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Over $150 million was raised, and the battle was won.

The High Line gets more than 4.4 million visitors every year, and it’s being called this generation’s Central Park. And you can only walk it… you guessed it, in New York. Just make sure you walk it during a weekday if you can to avoid the biggest crowds.

Experience the Statue of Liberty.

We’re pretty proud of Lady Liberty in New York, especially since we’re the only city to have anything like her. And if you want the full experience, make a day of it and take the ferry to Ellis Island. You’ll love having the chance to explore the statue and read about history, especially if you have older children or history buffs with you.

That being said, there are a lot of poor, tired, huddled masses waiting in line most of the time. So for a less exhausting way to see the Statue of Liberty, you can hop on a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. They depart daily from Pier 83 down the Hudson River, and the boats pass right by Lady Liberty before heading under both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. We highly recommend this cruise for beautiful views you won’t see anywhere else.

Experience a Yankees game.

We understand that most non-New Yorkers are not Yankees fans… in fact, most have a less than favorable opinion of the team. But even if you’re not a fan of baseball itself, you’ll see that watching a Yankees game in Yankee Stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Why not see a game in the House that Babe Ruth Built?

Tickets aren’t cheap, and this experience won’t be for everyone. But when the Yankees win, the crowd goes wild and the sound of Frank Sinatra belting out New York, New York can be heard over the celebration, you’ll smile and say, “Only in New York.”



Fourth of July Festivities in New York City

Fourth of July Festivities in New York Indepence Day Fireworks

You might not think of Manhattan or Long Island as the best place in the USA to spend the 4th of July. But just like most things, New York does Independence Day well, and boldly. If you’ll be spending the 4th of July in the City That Never Sleeps, you’ll have your choice of celebrations.

Keep your options open by reserving a car for your trip. This way if you decide to leave Manhattan for the holiday, you won’t have to rely on alternative transportation. Look up New York car rental specials for the best deals.

Of course, you don’t have to leave the city to have an amazing 4th of July. New York City has three different fireworks shows, and they’re all spectacular. The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks over the East River begin at 9:20, and the Statue of Liberty and Jersey City fireworks shows start at 9:30. All three of them last around 30 minutes. In the event of rain, the start times could be delayed.

If you’d like to enjoy a nice fireworks display, you’ll want to stake out your spot before the sun goes down. Be aware that you may not be allowed into some viewing areas with backpacks or lawn chairs and that your belongings may be searched. But with a little patience and planning, you’ll be able to have a great view of the show.

Here are some of the best viewing areas:

Brooklyn Bridge Park

With 85 acres of open spaces and mountain views, Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place to see the fireworks.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The view from the promenade takes the breath away of even the most jaded New Yorker. The ⅓ mile long promenade will have excellent firework views, though you’ll want to arrive early.

The Corner of FDR Drive and East Houston Street

Head toward the East River Baseball Field.

The corner of Furman Street and Old Fulton Street

This viewing area is close to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Brooklyn’s Pier 1 Playground, so if you have children with you, you can occupy thh3 until the show.

Lower Manhattan’s East River Park

Head to the waterfront area between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Of course, if you’d rather not wait for hours for the best fireworks views, you can celebrate the 4th of July in plenty of other ways. Here are some events happening in the area:

Firework Spectacular at Surf City

Hop in your car rental New York and head to Jersey City, where the megabar Surf City will be serving frozen drinks and tasty food. There’s no cover, and you’ll have a great view of Jersey City’s fireworks show.

Coney Island’s Annual Fourth of July Beach Party

It doesn’t get much better than spending the 4th of July at the beach, especially when that beach is Coney Island. From 9 AM on, you’ll enjoy live music, food and beverages. Coney Island is also home to the world famous Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. At dusk, you’ll be treated to a beautiful fireworks display. The party usually goes until midnight, so stay hydrated and keep applying sunscreen.

Fourth of July Fireworks Cruises

Watching the fireworks from a cruise ship will be unique and special, although it’s also pretty expensive. Still, a $150-$200 ticket usually buys you a five hour water cruise with food and drinks available. And there’s really no better way to see the show than from a boat.

Revolutionary New York Walking Tour

Independence Day certainly holds a special significance for history buffs. Big Onion Walking Tours usually hosts a tour on the 4th showing significant New York City landmarks from the Revolutionary War. If you’d like to stay historically connected on the 4th of July, this tour is the way to do it.

Head to the Hamptons

The 4th of July in the Hamptons is always an exciting time. Though the area is always packed with New Yorkers ready to escape Manhattan for a few days, you’ll still find a more laid back vibe here than in the city. Enjoy some lobster rolls, catch the Southampton Village Independence Day Parade and watch the fireworks from the beach. Just plan in advance if you want to spend the night, because you won’t be the only one with that idea.

Make it a Staycation

Some hotels, like the Millenium Hilton at 55 Church Street, have rooms with firework views. If nothing else, the show is available on NBC, and you can order room service. Because sometimes celebrating America means enjoying its little luxuries.

Playing Tourist: 10 Tours You Should Take In New York

cruiser bike Playing Tourist: 10 Tours You Should Take In New York

If there’s one city where it’s always fun to play tourist, it’s New York. Whether you call the Big Apple home or you’re just going to visit, tours offer a whole new way to explore the area. Our entire state is jam-packed with amazing tours, from the Manhattan city limits to the upper state countryside. And if you’re visiting this summer, you’ll want to check some of them out.

Despite Manhattan’s abundant Taxis, public transportation in some parts of New York is somewhat scarce. Your best bet is to look up Rent a Car New York options, decide what will be best for you and rent a vehicle that will take you wherever you need to go. If you’re traveling with your family or a large group, look up minivan rental New York specials. It’s much easier to have everyone in one spot than trying to chase children or friends down on the subway.

Once you’re in the city, you’ll have hundreds upon hundreds of options for tours. We recommend choosing a few from this list:

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour

Whether you’re a New Yorker or a first time visitor, this tour is worth taking at least once. Lady Liberty has played a big role in our history, after all. Tickets are $59 and include a 4.5 hour guided visit to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island, priority boarding on the ferry and viewing exhibits inside the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island.

Circle Line: Complete Manhattan Island Cruise

This guided 2.5 hour tour offers a cruise around Manhattan Island and the chance to learn about its history. You’ll enjoy the live commentary from a tour guide, breathtaking views, and food and beverages will be available for purchase. Tickets are normally $41.99, but you can often find them on sale.

Free Tours By Foot: A Pay-What-You-Wish Experience

“Free” and “New York City” often do not go hand in hand. But this amazing company offers several tours that are free, though donations and tips are certainly accepted and encouraged. The belief is that everyone should be able to enjoy what the city has to offer. For some tours, subway fare will be needed, and reservations are required to guarantee your spot. Still, this is one of the best and most affordable ways to see the city.

The New York State Capitol Tour in Albany

This tour will require a bit of a drive—Albany is between two and three hours from the city. But touring the beautiful capitol is something everyone should experience, especially history buffs or anyone who appreciates architecture. Tours are free of charge and are available Monday-Friday at 10 AM, noon, 2 PM and 3 PM.

Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany

If your travels take you to the Rochester or Buffalo areas, carve out some time to tour this creepy old asylum. Known as one of the most haunted places in the country, you just might experience some paranormal activity—but either way, you’re in for a spooky time. Tours cost $20 per person and last about two hours.

Joyce Gold History Tours of New York

A favorite recommendation of hotel concierges everywhere, history buff Joyce Gold’s walking tour is an incredible experience. You can schedule a private tour for a more customized experience, or sign up for a public scheduled tour for $20 per person ($15 for those over 62).

The Bannerman Island Walking Tour, Pollepel Island

Located just 56 miles north of Manhattan, the beautiful Bannerman’s Castle sits on an island about six acres in size. The castle was once used as a military surplus warehouse, and these days it’s available for exploring on your own.

The East End Bike Tours of Mattituck

Heading to the Hamptons this summer? This tour is close to Long Island, and it offers the chance to put your rental car in park and cruise along by bike. The best part? This tour will quench your thirst for wine as well as information, and you’ll see plenty of historic sights along the way.

The NY See it All Tour

This is exactly what it sounds like! This six hour tour has won numerous awards, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll be able to see Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and so much more, all from the comforts of a cruise. Tickets start at $59.99 per person and depart twice a day.

The Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride in Lockport

Did you know the state of New York has some incredible caves? Skip the crowds at Howe Caverns and head to Lockport instead, which is a 382 drive from Manhattan that will allow you to see a good portion of the state. The 70 minute guided tour includes and underground boat ride, and you’ll be able to view ruins from the industrial revolution. Feeling brave? The company also offers ghost tours at night.

Explore New York this summer with a guided tour (or two or three). You won’t regret it!



Five Road Trips From NYC You Can Take On One Tank Of Gas

Five Summer Road Trips From NYC Mohonk

There’s just something about summer road trips that make them so special. And in New York especially, June, July and August are wonderful months.  Get in your car and drive away for a little adventure. If you’re planning on visiting the city this summer, or if you live in New York City and need to get away, search for New York car rental specials and find your perfect road trip match.

Speaking of driving… it’s not cheap to fill your gas tank, especially during summertime. Luckily you can explore quite a few destinations using only one tank. The average car can go from about 300 miles on one tank of gas, and all of these road trips are shorter than that.

Whether you call Manhattan home or you’ll visiting New York from out of state and you’d like to explore. Renting a vehicle will give you better freedom to go at your own pace. If you have a large group, you can look up van rental New York deals.  The best way so that everyone can travel together. Otherwise, a New York luxury car rental might be nice so you can ride around in style.

Once you’ve settled on your vehicle of choice, all you have to do is pick a destination and fill your tank. And unless you continue your journey, you’ll only have to fill that gas tank once.

Here are five places close to New York City you can visit:

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Philly is about 100 miles from New York, so you can get there and back safely and still have some fuel left for cruising around the city. You can also park your car and use public transportation while you’re there if you want to save gas. Aside from eating a classic Philly cheesesteak, you’ll want to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (where the Constitution was signed) and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss out on seeing Franklin Square. It’s a beautiful public park with a great playground, a carousel and miniature golf course. Another great family-friendly option is the Please Touch Museum, a hands on experience everyone can enjoy. Since New York to Philly is a two hour drive (even with traffic), you can go there and back in one day.

  2. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    Las Vegas is an incredible city, but it doesn’t have Atlantic City’s boardwalk or laid back vibe. It’s also not a 130 mile, two hour drive like it is from Manhattan. Whether you’re going on an adults-only or a family-friendly trip, you’ll find plenty of exciting things to see and do. Stroll the boardwalks and the beaches, try your luck at one of the many casinos or spend some downtime relaxing in a spa, like the Red Door Spa at Harrah’s or the Immersion Spa at the Water Club. If you get the chance, enjoy a meal at Buddaken, one of the city’s top rated Pan-Asian restaurants located inside Caesar’s Palace. The Cape May Whale Watcher is the largest whale and dolphin watcher in New Jersey, so if you hit the town during the right season, you can get a glimpse of some majestic creatures.

  3. Cold Spring, New York.

    Located on the banks of the Hudson River, Cold Spring is just 55 miles from the heart of Manhattan. This is the perfect place to go if you need a relaxing break from the bustling city. Enjoy spectacular scenery from the gorgeous gazebo, stroll the waterfront and explore the Hudson Highlands State Park. This is another destination where you can park your rental car when you arrive if you’d like. The trolley will take you around the village for mere pocket change.

  4. Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York.

    While you can easily make this 90 mile trip from the city in a day, we recommend making an overnight trip out of it to fully enjoy all the Victorian castle has to offer. This gorgeous haven offers horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, carriage rides, fine dining and an award-winning spa. You might try to make a day of it, but you’ll probably decide to stay in one of the beautiful rooms or suites.

  5. Fire Island, New York.

    Though Fire Island is a mere 62 miles from New York City, you’ll want to allow yourself two and a half hours for the drive due to traffic and tolls. But once you’re there, you’ll love being surrounded by a stretch of coastline that feels like you’re a lot further away from the city. Spend your day beach combing, hiking or looking for wildlife along the shoreline. If you have time, head to Great South Bay and go on a guided tour or go canoeing.

Enjoy your summer travels!




The Ultimate New York City Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate New York City Summer Bucket List

The City That Never Sleeps is especially energetic in the summertime. The sun is out, the air is warm and every rooftop and patio in Manhattan is full of happy patrons. If you’ll be in New York this summer, you’ll have a lot of fun to have in a short amount of time. You might be busy, but you’ll never be bored.

Your options for entertaining yourself will be endless, and renting a vehicle will ensure that you’ll have access to anything you’d like to do. Look up New York Car Rental specials to see if there are any deals available during your trip. Keep it simple and keep your rental for the entire duration of your stay. Booking a LaGuardia Airport Car Rental will be easier (and more affordable) that flagging down a cab.

Once your rental car is booked, make a New York City summer bucket list and try to check off as many things as you can. Needless to say, we’ve got some suggestions for what the ultimate summer bucket list should be.

Go to Coney Island.

Is there anything better than the beach in the summer? No matter how old you are or what you like to do for fun, going to Coney Island is a blast. There’s a lot to do, but you can always choose to just relax by the water.

Watch a baseball game.

Yankees or Mets? Unless you’re a diehard fan, it doesn’t really matter. Both teams are fun to watch and tickets aren’t difficult to get.

Discover a new hidden gem.

New York is so jam-packed with things to do that you could spend a lifetime there and never experience everything. This summer, find a coffee shop, bar, park, bookstore or other small business that’s located off the beaten path. You’ll be so glad you did.

Visit at least one popular tourist attraction.

Hidden gems are charming, but sometimes you just have to act like a tourist. Check out the Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or another iconic New York attraction. If you’re worried about the crowds, find out when the off-peak days of the week and times are and go then.

Go to Central Park.

Speaking of New York icons, this one is perfect in the summertime. Take a picnic, rent a rowboat, or lace up your sneakers and go for a jog.

Watch a performance.

Even if Broadway shows aren’t your thing, you’ll have tons of options for live entertainment i the Big Apple. Central Park hosts several free Shakespeare in the Park performances every summer, and you’d be surprised by the gems you can find way, way off Broadway.

Walk the High Line.

The High Line, which is built on a historic freight rail line, is like a small park floating above the city streets. There are plenty of places to stop and relax or grab something to eat.

Take a day trip.

Escape the city for a day and check out some of the many nearby places that surround New York. Governors Island, Cold Spring on Hudson, Beacon and Warwick are all great options.

Go to the Hamptons.

Yes, it’s a popular destination for New Yorkers and it might be crowded there. But the Hamptons signify summertime, and they’re popular for a reason. If you book a New York luxury car rental for your trip, you have to drive it to the Hamptons and live lavishly for a couple of days.

Visit the Sunken Forest on Fire Island.

The Sunken Forest, a magical place on Long Island, is the perfect spot for enjoying nature. You can explore on your own, walking along the boardwalk, or you can take a guided tour of the area.

Conduct an ice cream taste test.

Since it would be impossible to sample the goods from every ice cream shop or gelato stand in the city, this basically involves stopping for ice cream every time you come across Rough life, right?

Enjoy a meal or drinks on a patio or rooftop.

Summer is short. Take advantage of the warm weather and find one of New York’s many rooftop or patio dining options. This is a list item you might want to check off more than once.

Watch a movie outdoors.

New York City is full of summertime outdoor cinemas, and the warm nights are so beautiful that you won’t even miss your theater seat.

Go on a boat cruise.

Set aside some time for a scenic cruise. You’ll have options ranging from a short guided tour to a lengthy dinner cruise.

Slow down and spend some time people watching.

New York may be a busy, fast-paced city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down and relax (just don’t do it when you’re in a native New Yorkers way). People watching is the most fun way to pass the time there, so get comfortable and enjoy.







Neighborhood Spotlight: Brooklyn

When most people think of New York City vacations, they think of Manhattan. That’s only fair—Manhattan is filled to the brim with popular tourist attractions, museums, shopping, restaurants and theaters. But there are other parts of NYC that have their own unique charms. For a slightly quieter but still vibrant scene, try taking your car rental New York to stay in Brooklyn next time. Our Brooklyn car rental options are just as extensive as Manhattan, and can help you explore a cheaper area of NYC.

Of course, if you stay in Brooklyn, you’ll definitely need a good car rental New York option. There’s plenty of public transportation, but that could add significant travel time to your days, plus you’d be on someone else’s schedule. Look for a good Brooklyn car rental so you can drive yourself from the airport to Brooklyn and save on Taxi fees. Then start exploring your new temporary neighborhood.

Brooklyn Hotels

You’ll find Brooklyn hotels to be slightly more affordable than Manhattan, but with all the same amenities and top notch service. Here are a few of your best options:

  • Henry Norman Hotel, at 251 North Henry Street – this hotel has a fitness center, WiFi and a nice, casual rooftop deck.
  • The Box House Hotel, at 77 Box Street – A family-friendly boutique hotel with an outstanding reputation.
  • Hotel Le Jolie, at 235 Meeker Avenue – This is a clean, recently renovated room that will give you a comfortable stay.

Brooklyn Restaurants

You don’t have to drive to Manhattan to enjoy wonderful, delicious New York food. Here are some of Brooklyn’s best dining options:

  • Juliana’s Pizza, at 19 Old Fulton Street – For savory, high quality pizza in a great atmosphere.
  • The River Cafe, at 1 Water Street – For a romantic seafood dinner with a view.
  • Five Leaves, at 18 Bedford Avenue – If you can get a seat at this crowded restaurant at brunch time, you’re in for a treat.
  • DeStefano’s Steakhouse, at 89 Conselyea Street – For a hearty steak dinner comparable to the finest Manhattan spots.
  • Al Di La Trattoria, at 248 5th Avenue – For some good old-fashioned Italian food.
  • Oregano, at 102 Berry Street – Because you can’t just eat pizza once when you’re in New York.


Top Brooklyn Attractions

There are plenty of things to do and see without leaving the Brooklyn area. Here are some visitor favorites:

The Brooklyn Bridge

This is Brooklyn’s most famous landmark. When it opened in 1883, it was the first structure to cross the East River and the longest suspension bridge in the world. You’ll see the most spectacular views of lower Manhattan and other city landmarks during your stroll.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

If you bring the entire family to New York, you must see the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. When it was founded in 1899, it was the first museum made specifically for kids! Today it’s home to over 30,000 objects like masks, dolls and musical instruments, plus tons of interactive exhibits.

Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Promenade

Stroll along this ⅓ mile length promenade and enjoy views of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Coney Island

People of all ages can appreciate Coney Island, which is located on the outskirts of Brooklyn. Between the world famous hot dogs, eclectic circus shows and the famous Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster, you’ll feel like a child again (in the best possible ways).

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Looking for a little peace and quiet? Spend some time at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Founded in 1910, this spot has hundreds of types of flora on 52 acres. You’ll also find Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum here.

Brooklyn Shopping

You don’t have to head to 5th Avenue in Manhattan to find the wonderful shopping New York City is known for. You’ll find all of these places in Brooklyn:

Fulton Mall

Fulton Mall is far from stuffy. It’s a pedestrian street and transit mall downtown that hosts over 230 stores. You’ll find classic retailers like Macy’s and H&M, plus a number of unique boutiques and specialty stores.


Located at 68 Washington Street, Lisa Brock’s boutique has a wide range of popular brands such as The Row and Stella McCartney. You’ll also find a number of more affordable options like Diane von Furstenberg.

Pink Label

You’ll find Pink Label at 446 Avenue P, and you’ll recognize it by its lush pink carpet. Pink Label is full of feminine fashions, and the owner, Rachel Kairy, even creates her own custom designs.

Eye Shoppe on Seventh

Eye Shoppe on Seventh carries some of the most amazing options for sunglasses and eyeglasses you’ll ever see. Even better, they can customize your newly purchased glasses with lens tinting and their own personal frame finishes.

Give Brooklyn a try the next time you travel to New York City. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how much fun you have exploring it. And as a bonus, you won’t have to worry as much about finding parking for your Brooklyn car rental. You can load up on new clothes without walking as far to your car rental New York.

Reserve your Brooklyn car rental from Action. We have a wide range of car rental New York options, including luxury and SUVs.

On The Water: Check Out New York’s Waterfront Fun

Spring is in full swing, and while New York weather has been slow to warm up, the sunny weather is starting to appear. That means that the bustling streets of New York become even more packed, both with strolling tourists and people who enjoy a nice outdoor meal. And with views like ours, it’s no wonder waterfront dining and activities are so popular.

If you’re planning a visit to the Big Apple this spring or summer, make sure you work plenty of waterfront activities into your itinerary. Whether that means spending a day at the lake, taking a ferry to an island or just enjoying a nice waterfront meal, you’ll love New York’s options. Make sure you find a great rent a car New York special to ensure that you get to see as much as possible.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a guide of some of New York’s finest waterfront fun. Explore one or two of these options and you’ll enjoy some of our state’s best views.

Waterfront Dining

Let’s start with the basics: waterfront bars and restaurants. They’re popular in any season, but during warmer months, people flock to them for their outdoor decks and beautiful water views. Give one of these spots a try:

  • Boat Basin Cafe, Upper West Side – Escape the chaos without leaving the heart of the city. Between the peaceful views of the Hudson river and the delicious burgers, you’ll go into full vacation mode.
  • The Marina Grille, New Rochelle – Deep fried delicacies, seafood and entrees in an unpretentious setting.
  • Dolphin Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, Yonkers – Classic cuisine with amazing views. Go early for brunch or grab an evening cocktail in the lounge.
  • Merchants River House – This American bistro faces the Hudson River and has a beautiful patio ideal for outdoor dining.
  • Il Fornetto, Brooklyn – Amazing food, totally picturesque views and a beautiful restaurant? You’ll find it here. Il Fornetto is one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants.
  • Oaklands, Hampton Bays – Heading to the Hamptons? Oaklands has tasty seafood, a great reputation and wonderful water views.
  • Harbor Bistro, East Hampton – This restaurant is only open during the summer, so get there fast. It’s got an incredible view of the marina from the outdoor seating area.
  • North River Lobster Company, Hell’s Kitchen – Head to Hell’s Kitchen and enjoy seafood and booze on a floating lobster shack. This is not the place for anyone who gets easily seasick!
  • Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse, Sheepshead Bay – Eat Maryland style crab and sip cocktails from the bayside tiki bar.
  • Grand Banks, Tribeca – This is the go-to spot during summer for cocktails and oysters with a Hudson River view.

Classic Tourist Activities

Coney Island

Coney Island comes alive between Easter and Halloween. It’s a classic must-do for anyone with a family or anyone who enjoys feeling young again. Gather a large group, look for deals on minivan rentals New York, and take the crew to Coney Island for amusement park rides and carnival games right on the water. Despite its name, you can get there easily by car without taking a ferry.

If you can, try to experience Coney Island on a Friday. Every Friday night during the summer (from late June to Labor Day weekend), fireworks shoot off right on the beach. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the waterfront with your family.

Fun fact: Coney Island is actually the birthplace of the hot dog. No matter how many meals you enjoy there, you should save room for a classic Coney Island dog. Tom’s Coney Island, Ruby’s bar and Grill and Nathan’s Famous are some of the most popular spots.

Coney Island

Ellis Island and Liberty Island

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to see the Statue of Liberty. It might be a classic tourist destination, but with its history and symbolism, it’s worth the trek. Ellis Island involves a short ferry ride, and as the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the United States, it was the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. The nearby Liberty Island is where you’ll find lady Liberty, our gift from France in the 1800s.

Ellis Island and Liberty Island

Other Waterfront Activities

Governors Island

Exploring Governors Island means leaving your New York luxury car rental behind, as it is a vehicle-free oasis. You’ll find outdoor art shows, walking trails, beaches, pools and plenty of parks. This is an excellent day trip to make when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Governors Island

Walking Tours

The Municipal Art Society offers a series of walking tours along the shore to look at New York City’s riverbanks and beaches. They are inexpensive, informative and fun.

Walking Tours

Beach Days

You’ll find plenty of surf and sand right next to NYC. Jones Beach offers over six miles of sand, a two mile boardwalk, a couple of swimming pools and miniature golf. You can also see the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center, which offers educational tours. Orchard Beach in the Bronx is also a nice option, with concession stands, sport courts and 115 acres of beach.

Jones Beach

Enjoy your time “down by the sea!”

Road Trip To Some Of New York’s Top Hidden Gems

When you visit New York, it’s always fun to check out the popular tourist attractions. There are millions of things to do in New York City alone, and the rest of the state also has plenty of well known spots to see. But there are some places that even people who have lived in New York their entire lives aren’t aware of. The next time you visit in a SUV rental New York (or if you live here and decide it’s time to go exploring), put some of these spots on your list. You won’t be disappointed. Make it really special with a New York Mercedes for rent.

Renting a vehicle is the best way to ensure you see as many attractions as possible. Even if you stay in the city, public transportation means relying on someone else’s schedule, and you’ll be better off exploring at your own leisure. Having an idea of what you’d like to see and do will help you determine what kind of vehicle will be best. If you’re bringing the entire family and you plan to escape Manhattan for some different scenery, for example, look up SUV rental New York. Contrarily, if it will just be you and your other half, see if you can find a New York Mercedes for rent.

Here are some of New York’s top hidden gems to put on your list:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 7.22.51 PMLucifer Falls

You’ll find Lucifer Falls, a breathtaking 115 foot waterfall, in New York’s Finger Lakes region inside the Robert H. Treman State Park. However, it is a bit of a trek from New York City. We think it’s worth it, though.

Cornell Plantations

This is one of New York’s most beautiful botanical gardens—and a lot of locals don’t even know it exists! You’ll enjoy serene surroundings and gorgeous greenery here, and it’s a wonderful break from the chaos of the city.

Montgomery Place

This gorgeous mansion is located near Barrytown in the Hudson Valley. It was built in 1803 and has an impressive history. The 380-acre property is open to the public and offers guided tours and beautiful gardens.

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery

New York City might be home to some of the world’s most famous museums and galleries, but the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo can hold its own. It’s over 150 years old, and it’s known for its innovative works of art.

Harry Houdini’s Grave

The famous magician’s grave is located in Queens. Fans still gather on occasion to await his escape from death. Admirers often leave decks of Tarot cards for him.


No, that is not a typo. Mmuseumm is in Manhattan, and it’s a little more obscure than the rest of the city’s art spots… it’s located in a freight elevator! Their second location is set to open sometime this spring. You’ll find some quirky things at Mmuseumm, including the shoe that was once thrown at President George W. Bush.

The Treehouse Lovenest

A treehouse in New York! Indeed—you’ll find it in the forests of the Putnam Valley. The Treehouse Lovenest has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lot of character. Best of all: it’s only a two hour drive in your car rental New York from the city.

MoMath, The Museum of Mathematics

Even if math wasn’t your best subject in school, you’ll love exploring this mathematical museum, which is in Manhattan. This place doesn’t try and confuse visitors with a bunch of equations or complex formulas. The objective is to give guests a sensory experience of what mathematical abstractions look like in real life.

The Transit Drive-In

Drive-in theaters are hard to find these days. The Transit in Lockport is an adorable retro theater that has been around since the 1950s. If you go, make sure you’ve got a nice New York Mercedes for rent to enjoy the show in.

Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum & Center for Comedy

Yes, this is a real place, and it’s as amazing as it sounds. This museum and comedy center is located in Jamestown, about a six hour drive from Manhattan. But if you’ve got a New York Mercedes for rent, it will be a smooth ride.

The Center opened in 1966 and was created to preserve and celebrate the legacy of these wonderful actors and comedians. This is a tourist favorite, but a surprising number of people have never heard of it.

Thacher State Park

If your travels take you to Albany County, a trip to Thacher State Park is a must. Park your SUV rental New York to walk along the Indian Ladder Trail and take in panoramic views from the top.

Have fun going off the beaten path in your New York Mercedes for rent!

Reserve your SUV rental New York from Action to begin the trip of a lifetime.

10 Reasons To Visit New York City This Spring

Got wanderlust? Allow us to tempt you with the thought of a fun-filled trip to New York City. There’s never really a bad time to visit the Big Apple, but there’s something about spring that transforms the city into something truly magical. The weather is pleasant, but it’s not too hot. The flowers and trees are in bloom, coloring the city in soft, seasonal hues, and the summer crowds haven’t arrived yet. In other words, spring is the perfect season to hop a flight, book a LaGuardia Airport car rental, and experience the city at its finest.

Not yet convinced? Here are 10 compelling reasons to visit New York City this spring.

The temperatures

You’ll notice a chill in the air in early spring, but by mid-spring the weather will be downright pleasant. Even if you have a beautiful LaGuardia Airport car rental, you’ll do a lot of walking in NYC, so good weather is appreciated.

International culture

You won’t have to visit anywhere else for awhile to get your “travel fix.” You’ve got Little Italy, Chinatown, Flushing (the Chinatown of Queens), international shopping options, international shows, and more culture than you could ever dream of at museum exhibits and shows. New York’s museums have some of the finest cultural relics from all over the world. If you’ve been envisioning a trip to Europe or Asia that isn’t in the cards right now, you can calm your jet-setting urges for awhile by visiting New York.

The flowers are in bloom

Most notably, the cherry blossoms that begin to bloom in early April. They are beautiful, and you can see them on many city streets. Get your fill at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Central Park or one of the city’s numerous small parks. You can also attend the Macy’s Flower Show between March 22 and April 4, when gorgeous flowers overtake the ground floor of Macy’s in Herald Square.

The energy

April and May bring a great deal of energy to the already bustling city. As the sun begins to shine, tables appear on sidewalks outside restaurants, windows of shops open, and people get excited for the upcoming events. Everyone sheds their layers from winter and starts to talk to each other more.

Baseball season

Even if you’re not a Mets or Yankees fan, if you appreciate the game of baseball, you’ll love seeing a game in New York. Opening day in the city is always a fun time.

The TriBeCa Film Festival

There are always festivals happening in the city, and spring is especially full of exciting events. But the TriBeCa Film Festival is a must for any film fan or person who can appreciate the arts. The festival is 11 days long, running from April 13-24, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend enjoying New York. Plus, if you’re a film buff, there will be hordes of wonderful people to talk to and network with.

Food festivals

Speaking of festivals… you’ll find food festivals galore in New York City in the spring. Mac Daddy, a mac and cheese festival hosted by Time Out New York, is held on March 29. Sign up for a one hour time slot between 11 AM and 6 PM to be able to eat and vote for the best mac and cheese in the city. On April 9, head to Staten Island for its annual BBQ Cookoff. This is a family-oriented event that includes plenty of BBQ sampling, awards with cash prizes and live entertainment. And it’s not all about food. Beer and wine lovers will appreciate all the spirits-related events that take place in spring. At the Spring Craft Beer Festival at Belmont Park Race Track, you can sample two ounce pours of 100 U.S. craft brews (though we do not recommend trying them all).

Picnics in Central Park

It’s finally picnic season. If you’ve never enjoyed a picnic lunch or dinner at the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, put it on your NYC bucket list right away. The stunning skyline views are unforgettable. Also, it’s a designated quiet zone, so you’ll enjoy a little bit of serenity in the city. Park your LaGuardia Airport car rental and get out to enjoy.

The deals

Spring break is a busy time in New York, but you also might be able to find some wonderful last-minute travel deals before the summer chaos starts.


Because it’s New York… and sometimes, that’s the only reason you need.

Reasons To Visit New York City This Spring

We hope we’ve convinced you to visit! If so, make sure to reserve your LaGuardia Airport car rental from Action today.