The History of Action New York Car Rentals

We’ve been your trusted source for New York car rentals, but what’s behind the friendly personnel and great cars? Here at Action Car Rental, we have decided that it’s time to let our customers get a little glimpse into our story. Because at Action, it isn’t just about the New York car rentals business – it’s about the community that has made this booming metropolis our home.

Action Car Rental opened the doors of our first location 20 years ago, in the core of Manhattan at Broadway and Astor Place. At the time, we were what you could call a baby company, with a mere 18 New York car rentals and a small community of clientele. As our company aged, we grew to what we are today.

We quickly realized that there was a gap in the New York car rentals industry. Young drivers need cars, particularly students, but at the time there wasn’t a single company that would rent to them. This often left students scrambling to find a way to grocery shop, move apartments, and visit their families on the weekend. Located near New York University, our first Action location began to attract students and faculty alike. Students gained more mobility than they had ever had. Before long, our client list increased to include the tenants in the high rise building in which our office was located, and we grew beyond our single location.

Growth in community and fleet

Once our community expanded, there came a demand for a wider variety of vehicles. Our loyal customers were asking for cargo and passenger vans, and SUVs that had towing and loading capacity. We expanded our fleet to include 15 passenger vans, cargo vans, and SUVs. We decided to also include sporty and luxury convertibles. Luxury SUVs also entered the fleet, including the Mercedes ML350, BMW X5, and Lexus RX350.

Now, our fleet is composed of several hundred vehicles, and we have stretched across two Manhattan locations, one office at JFK airport, and one at LaGuardia Airport. We are host to a range of classes in New York car rentals: Sports convertibles; Mini Coopers; 15 passenger vans; Suburbans; Escalades; 15 passenger Sprinters; hybrids; mini vans; and compact and full size options beyond this. At Action we are always looking to cater to our customer’s needs, and that’s why we believe that variety is so important.

Our mission

Our mission is to show New York car rentals customers how rental companies can offer more than just a quality car. We believe in honest and excellent customer service, without sacrificing the excellent rental rates that we continue to offer.

That’s just one way that we differ from the major car rentals companies across the state. When you rent from Action, you aren’t renting from just any rental company. You’re renting from neighbors, from friends. That’s why, on average, many of our clients have been with our company for more than 6 years, and we have employees who have stayed with us for 15 years – almost as long as we’ve been open. In fact, some of our employees were customers of ours before joining the team.

We also have a firm no overbooking policy. Some of the larger companies will overbook in case of cancellations, which means you could end up without a vehicle on the day of your reservation. With Action, not only will we have a car ready and waiting, but we are also willing to deliver the vehicle to you.

On top of the various other reasons we are the right company for you, our history alone shows how our customers have been the foundation for what we have become, and remain our most important assets to this day.

Action: We are NYC

We look forward to meeting you in our shop, and welcoming you into our New York car rentals community.

Escape the Bustle of NYC with an Action New York Car Rental

New York City can be overwhelming at times, especially with the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us. With Thanksgiving and then Christmas, the parades, shoppers, and other festivities tend to make NYC a chaotic urban jungle. This is the ideal season for a rural escape. Action’s New York car rental can help you escape the city to a more tranquil space where you can reconnect with nature and seek solace.

Mohonk Mountain House

Dating back to 1869, this mountain inn in New Paltz, New York has been host to five presidents. The Mountain House is extremely family friendly, with babysitters, children’s programs and buffets, and kid’s clubs. While the kids run off to have fun and learn about nature, you can enjoy the spa or a romantic evening in a horse-drawn carriage. During the day, go for a family trip cross-country skiing.

Pinegrove Family Dude Ranch

Escape to the Wild West without traveling outside of New York State. Located in Kerhonkson, New York, the ranch hosts 600 acres of land for horseback riding through the autumn vistas. It’s a great place to park the New York car rental and return to an older form of transportation.

The ranch has a variety of amenities to offer, including an archery range, wrangler lessons, an indoor pool, ice-skating, and petting zoo, among others.

Madava Farms and Old Stone Farm

Madava Farms is located in Dover Plains, New York. This is a great spot for either a relaxing day trip or a weekend-long stay. Another historical spot to escape the modernity of NYC, the 200-year-old inn located on the ranch will allow you to stay outside the city in an absolutely tranquil setting.

This farm is the grounds of Crown Maple Syrup, and will therefore provide an entertaining glimpse at the maple syrup making process of the east coast. You won’t have to hop back into your New York car rental for food. Visit the Farm Stand Café for delicious lunches crafted from local produce. 

Rocking Horse Ranch

Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, New York is another great spot for horseback riding and romantic, horse-drawn sleigh rides. The kids will love the indoor water park, climbing walls, nerf canons, and scavenger hunts to keep them entertained every day. Adults have their own fun and games, with local wine tastings and the onsite spa. Take the whole family out for a day of fun on the ski and snowboarding hills. 

Cornwall, Connecticut

Have you and your kids ever wanted to learn fly-fishing? Cornwall, Connecticut is the perfect place to learn. While anyone over the age of 16 needs a license, kids can learn how to engage in this peaceful sport, in one of the most peaceful towns on the east coast.

The town is an absolutely lovely little epitome of east coast winter life. With bridges and local shops and restaurants that look as though they belong in a fantasy getaway catalog, be prepared to be stunned by its beauty.

Cornwall is a great ski and snowboarding town with instructors and programs to help accommodate skiers of any age. Get out on the slope with the kids, or have a romantic getaway for two. 

Take your New York car rental for a Cottage getaway outside of NYC

Want to getaway somewhere a little more private? Why not take your New York car rental out to a cottage on the outskirts of NYC?

This may take a little hunting on your part. There are many cottages available around New York that are perfect for a family or couple escape from the city. However, it also depends on your budget. For instance, for $251 a night you can rent a cabin that is on 20 acres of land, and which offers an incredible view of a 1000-acre forest in Catskills. Or you can rent a cottage with views overlooking a bubbling stream and the Adirondack Mountains for only $162/night. This a good website to begin your search.

Have the ease and choice to escape the city when you reserve your New York car rental from Action today.

Pick Your Way Through the Big Apple’s Orchards

Apple picking season is back! The blossoms have become fruit, and the scent drifting across the orchards seem to be making their way slowly across the countryside and into the urban centers. Fortunately, with your New York car rentals, you are not limited to the city center when you visit the Big Apple.

It’s not often that people think of countryside when they think of New York, but it’s time to break that mold. There are a few countryside orchards you want to check out to pick your way through the Big Apple. While all of these will require a bit of a jaunt in your New York car rentals, you’ll quickly see that it’s well worth it.

Masker Orchards

Masker Orchards is in a 200-acre orchard in Warwick, NY – about 45 miles northwest of the George Washington Bridge. On the way out, you’ll get a bit of a scenic drive, but you also may encounter a fair amount of traffic. Masker’s is busy, after all.

One of the most popular apple picking hot spots in the state, Masker’s still offers plenty of spaces to park your New York car rentals. The earlier you can head out to Masker’s, the better. Gates open at 9 a.m. so arrive close to that time if you want to avoid chaos. You’re also better off to go on a weekday if you don’t want to handle a large crowd. If you wait until the afternoon to arrive, you’ll discover hefty lines for the orchards and pony rides. Make sure to pack your New York car rentals with a lunch for the family!

Masker’s isn’t expensive, either. For only $26 you’ll get almost 20 lbs. of apples, and you’re more than welcome to munch on apples straight from the trees as you pick your way through the orchard. Both parking and admission are free of charge.

Wright’s Farm

Located in Gardiner, NY, this orchard is a bit of a further journey at 70 miles northwest of the George Washington Bridge. To make up for the further distance, Wright’s Farm is also considerably vaster than Masker’s with around 453 acres of land. Because of the expansive size you definitely won’t have to deal with a huge crowd while you’re picking apples.

Parking for your New York car rentals is free of charge, but admission is $5 for children aged 4 to 9 and $10 for adults. Admission includes a bag for each person, with smaller bags for the kiddies. Adult apple bags hold approximately 20 apples – still more than enough to make a few pies!

You won’t want to miss the country store at Wright’s. With delightful pumpkin fudge, fresh-pressed cider, and options like jalapeno peach jam, you won’t be able to resist grabbing a few goodies to test later. There’s a range of jams, jellies, fudges, fruits, and vegetables that you’ll be able to stock your car with alongside your apples.

orchards, New York car rentals

Take your New York car rentals to the Empire State’s orchards.

Applewood Orchards & Winery

Applewood Orchards & Winery has a wide variety of autumn harvesting to choose from. With 10 different kinds of apples, as well as pumpkins, and herb and rose gardens there’s something for any kind of autumnal cooking or baking. For $28, you’ll get a half-bushel of apples – that’s more than plenty to make some popovers, pies, and chutneys! Admission and parking is free, so you’re only paying for what you take home.

Applewood is located in Warwick, and has something for every one to enjoy. With hayrides and puppet shows for the kids, and even petting farms from time to time, the kids won’t mind a day away from the big city excitement. Parents and adults can enjoy the winery at Applewood for a taste of the delicious grapes that the orchard has to offer.

Don’t miss out on a delicious apple picking experience in the Big Apple this fall. Reserve your New York car rentals from Action today.

Take Your New York Car Rentals to Discover the Woodshed Collective

The Big Apple is the pilgrim site for aspiring actors, singers, musicians, writers, and artists. It makes sense, then, that there’d be an eternal supply of collectives and acts across the city. Many artists create individual and unique works, which are often available for public viewing. If you’re a love arts, or even if you’re just looking for a memorable experience, don’t miss the Woodshed Collective. It’s an artistic community that offers interesting, accessible shows to a public audience. Finding one of these in your New York car rentals may take some time, but not if you know about them in advance.

Action New York car rentals has discovered more about this collective so that you can get the most out of your arts tour in the Big Apple.

What is the Woodshed Collective?

The Woodshed Collective takes audience participation to a new level. Not only are these artists determined to create unique productions, but they also encourage their audience members to “become authors of their own experience”, according to their homepage.

The shows are installation theater pieces put on for free. They follow the belief that art doesn’t have a price, or limits. The Woodshed Collective believes that audience members are just as much a part of the process as the artists themselves. The Woodshed Collective believes that this theory of artistic production creates a community, rather than limiting high art to those with a high budget.

Who are the collective?

Woodshed installations are produced by permanent members of the collective, as well as a number of associated and contributing artists. Members of the collective include artists, actors, producers, directors, writers, musicians, and dancers. They come from an assortment of backgrounds and areas across the United States, which allows them to invent productions from a variety of perspectives to uncover the myriad riches of the imagination. You’ll drive away in your New York car rentals wondering why all theatrical experiences can’t be like a Woodshed Collective production. 

Woodshed collective, New York car rentals

What shows do they put on?

The Woodshed Collective puts on a variety of shows. The most recent one that you can find is “Empire Travel Agency”. For this installation, don’t expect to sit still. For two hours you’ll be shown around parks, on moving vehicles, through galleries and subway stations. Actors will play the roles that guide you through the installation. The show is completely interactive. As you learn their stories, and follow them through the plot, you’ll discover just as much about yourself as you will about the production. Only four audience members are allowed in the production so don’t fully load up your New York car rentals. You’ll be asked to participate fully to create a comprehensive show.

This production was written by Jason Gray and directed by Teddy Bergman. It introduces theatrical scavenger hunt to the City that never sleeps.

Be warned though – you may have a bit of a struggle to get tickets. The show is currently sold out and there’s a bit of a waitlist. Since the tickets are free you don’t have to worry about adding an expense to your travel plans.

Where can you find them?

“Empire Travel Agency” takes place in downtown Manhattan and travels around, including areas of Seaport. Don’t bring bulky bags with you and wear comfortable shoes. The entire installation is on foot – and you’ll definitely be walking a while! 

Seeing an installation by the Woodshed Collective will entirely alter your vision of what theater means and what it can produce. While you certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to see a Broadway show, you also won’t want to miss out on the numerous installations – of which the Woodshed Collective is only one example – that New York has to offer.
Get started on a complete experience of the Big Apple art scene when you reserve your New York car rentals with Action today.

Themed Restaurants in NYC That Will Give You a Night to Remember

Anyone who has visited NYC can attest to the fact that there’s certainly no shortage of entertainment. But sometimes it feels like there’s maybe a little too much to see. It can be hard to discriminate so that you get the best experience. Only taking your New York car rental to the Big Apple for a few days? Then you definitely need to narrow your focus. We can help you a bit.

With so many restaurants to choose from, some excellent some not so great, it’s tough to know what will offer you a truly memorable experience. NYC is booming with strange and quirky restaurants – that’s no secret. However, some of the joints we’ve listed below will certainly offer you a night to remember.

Fun for the kids

What kid doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? For your kids’ unbirthdays this vacation, pack them off in your New York car rental for a truly Mad Hatter tea party at Alice’s Tea Cup. The prix-fixe menu is only $20 for children under 10 for a full afternoon Mad Hatter tea party. Adults are a little more at $35. If it’s a special occasion, you may also rent a private room for $100 to $500.

There are several options for your tea party, including the Wee Tea for younger children. Kid-friendly sandwiches like PB & J are available and scones created with your little ones in mind, chocolate mousse, chocolate milk, and herbal (caffeine-free) teas.

Max Brenner

If you’ve always been a bit disappointed that Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory didn’t exist, you’ll be delighted to discover Max Brenner. This restaurant is easily the closest thing you’ll find to the classic Dahl factory. With pipes bursting with chocolate running across the ceiling you won’t need to look very far to find decadence to match your sweet tooth.

Not only are these meals sweet, but they’re unique. You’ll find waffle fries powdered with cocoa and chili and a melting marshmallow crepe on the kid’s menu. Tables are bedecked with sweets and confectionary that will make any kid or sweet tooth swell with excitement. After a visit here, though, you may want to keep the New York car rental parked for a few hours. The whole family will have to work off their sugar high.

Max Brenner, New York car rental

Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar has pipes full of chocolate on the ceilings.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain will certainly offer you a unique experience. Designed to look like a classic apothecary, you won’t find tinctures and creams here – unless you’re looking for a chocolate egg cream. The experts at Brooklyn Farmacy will also make you a stellar root beer float to bring you right back to your childhood. Show your kids what a real treat is like.

Though the penny candies may now be priced at 25¢ instead of only 1¢, this singular dining experience won’t break the budget. Main courses run at an average of $6 and only $5 for shakes.

The Jekyll and Hyde Club

While none of the dishes at the Jekyll and Hyde Club are particularly unique experiments, it’s the décor and ambience that will produce the absolutely one-of-a-kind memory. The Jekyll and Hyde Club is one big theatre, with a sinister butler, mummies, and vampires on staff. The décor includes the classically haunting gargoyles and ghoulish wax figures. They even have creepy pictures that seem like they’re following you no matter where you go. As soon as you get out of your New York car rental you’ll get a shiver up your spine when you see the eerie ambience of the Jekyll and Hyde Club.

New York is full of themed restaurants and surprises. Get your customized experience started when you reserve your New York car rental from Action today.

Moving Your College Student Back to School with New York Van Rentals

It’s that time of year again. Your college kids are going back to school and you’ll be working on the task of moving them back to their homes away from home. Whether it’s their first year, or they’re going back for another year, moving your student is always stressful. If you have New York van rentals, then you’re already taking a step toward having a smooth, efficient moving day. Beyond that, there are a few tips that Action New York van rentals can give you for having an easier move.

Organize with the roommates

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your house on the first day only to find that you have 5 couches, 3 toasters, 4 sets of cutlery, and that no one thought to bring a blender.

Before packing up or buying anything for your new house, coordinate with your housemates. Figure out who has toasters, who has a microwave, and so on. From there, you can organize what needs to be bought and who will be buying it, and what everyone needs to bring. This will also ensure your New York van rentals aren’t packed with more than you need, and certainly not with boxes that will just need to be brought home again.

Discard what is unnecessary

Before you begin to pack your boxes and bags for college, have a careful eye for what is necessary and what isn’t. It’s sometimes hard to get rid of possessions that have sentimental value, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring those possessions with you to college.

Make a list of the things you need during the school year. Narrow it down to just the essentials, and pack those. Once you’ve done that, you can make a list of your “wants” or “luxuries”. These are the items that you don’t absolutely need, but will make your year in college much more comfortable. Your list of “luxury items” should not be longer than your needs. A good rule to follow is to keep your luxury list at half of your need list (or less). This list will make packing your New York van rentals much less chaotic. It will also ensure you can fit everything into one vehicle.

Use your linens in your favor

Packing linens takes up a lot of room. All of that soft mass can be put to better use. If you have any fragile or breakable items, wrap them up in your blankets and linens. Don’t bother with newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts, which are wasteful anyway. Blankets work just as well, and don’t create the extra clean up at the end of the moving day.

Keep your essentials at the top

Moving back to college is never an easy day – no matter how much preparation is involved. Whether you’ve gone 15 miles or 150, you’ll probably be tired after so much lifting. It’s often the case that you won’t want to do much unpacking after your long day. That’s okay – as long as you have your essentials on top, that is.

Pack an overnight bag so that you can relax after the move in. Include your toiletries, pajamas, and a change of clothes for the morning. It may also be smart to buy groceries. You want just enough to get you through the night and the next morning before you can go on the big grocery trip.

Check for parking for New York van rentals in advance

Hands down the most irritating thing that can happen on moving day is to arrive at the new house or dormitories only to discover that there’s nowhere to park.

Do your research. Look up parking spots and lots in advance to make sure you have somewhere to put your New York van rentals on the day of the move in. Plan your spot and have a few back ups just in case plan A is already taken by someone else.

Get your move started today when you reserve your New York van rentals from Action.

Pub Trivia Nights in Your New York Car Rental

Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? Whether or not Trivia Pursuit owns credit for making trivia popular in the contemporary age, trivia has remained a common pastime for anyone looking for a fun and competitive night out. In recent years, pub trivia has been making waves in the creation of communal, knowledge-based challenges. Who knows more about presidential history? Who can name the most pop stars of the 20th century? Friends are finding fun and light-hearted debates to expand their pub repertoire. Just make sure you park your New York car rental!

Whether you’re visiting New York for the first time or if you’re a resident, it can be tough to pinpoint these local activities. Pub trivia nights aren’t always easy to find. Fortunately, Action New York car rental has pinpointed some of the best pub trivia nights across the Big Apple. All we ask is that you find a designated driver or overnight parking spot, because once you begin these excitingly interactive pub-wide games you won’t be able to drive your New York car rental home.

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Take Your New York Car Rentals to Find the Most Bizarre Foods

NYC is a place of firsts and rarities. It’s the City that we venture to when we want to try something new, something thrilling, something exotic – without leaving the country. It’s the city where anything is possible, especially with your New York car rentals.

So it’s no surprise that the Big Apple is home to a variety of strange and extraordinary foods. You’d be shocked at some of the dishes in the city that never sleeps – not always in a good way. If you want to avoid the toxic holes in the wall that can make you sick for days and skip straight to the exciting, unique dishes that will leave you wanting more, read on. Action New York car rentals has a few treats in store for you.

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Rest Your Eyes After Traveling in Your New York car rental

Travel can be exhausting. Whatever your reason for traveling around New York – whether sight seeing, visiting family, or just commuting to and from work – the trek through the city can be a bit of a nightmare at times. It can be a long travel home to your hotel or house, and who wants to wait that long to get a little nap in before dinner? After all, driving your New York car rental with a tired brain is not enjoyable at all.

Fortunately, New York is a place where anything is possible – even a quick power nap in the city. “Nap pods” have become a popular trend around Big Apple spas. If you don’t want to pay for a nap, though, you have plenty of other options. All you need to do is find a parking spot for your New York car rental so both you and automobile can settle in for a little rest.

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Keep Cool During the Heat Wave in Your New York Car Rental

Summer has finally come on full swing, with nearly unbearable temperatures for people and pets alike. Each year, there are warnings abound that help residents keep cool as temperatures continue to increase. Action New York car rental can provide helpful reminders about staying healthy in the heat, and also tips on where to find the best pools across the city. After all, you can’t stay snug and chilly in your New York car rental all the time!

Read on to find out how to make the most out of your trip to New York without boiling in the heat.

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