Driving Around Long Island – Major Roadways

Long Island extends east of New York City. It has a varied landscape, and is home to the famous Hamptons. It’s well worth the road trip with our discount car rentals Manhattan. However, you will need a car to get around. Our guide on how to get around with our discount car rentals Manhattan will help. Read more

Drive-In Movies & Your Discount Car Rental Manhattan

Today, the world of IMAX, high-definition, and 3D dominates the movie-goers’ cinematic experience. In addition, you have to find affordable parking for your discount car rental Manhattan. However, the older drive-in theatre is still in style. At drive-in movies, you are not crammed in like sardines, but can stretch out in the comfort of your own car. On top of that, drive-in movies are often more affordable, showing two movies at a lower cost than a regular theater would charge. In addition, you could take your discount car rental Manhattan and drive it to any of these locations.  Read more

Street Parking in a Manhattan Discount Car Rental

You have made it to New York and you purchased your Manhattan discount car rental. But now something scarier is staring you in the face: The Street Parking Meter. It’s got all the bells and whistles and you’re not sure what to put where. In addition, it supports a variety of different payment methods for your convenience (ever parked at a meter only to realize you had no change?). In fact, the new parking meters are now accepting credit cards in over 500 muni-meters in the midtown Theatre District. Go ahead – park your Manhattan discount car rental without the stress. We’ll show you how. Read more

NYC Traffic Stress: How to Handle Road Rage

New York is the city that never sleeps and neither does its traffic. During rush hour it seems that every single person in the city has decided to neglect the public transit and drive home. Even late at night, people are still out and about and the traffic remains busy. This can be alarming and stressful if you’re new to New York and are trying to navigate the city with your Manhattan discount car rental. It’s best not to let the panic turn into anger. Here are some tips for avoiding road rage. Read more

Follow the Hudson in Discount Car Rental Manhattan

Autumn in New York State is a magical time of year. The change in foliage turns the state into a breathtaking canvas of vibrant colour. With your discount car rental Manhattan, there are no limits to the vantage points from which you can view our beautiful state in all its radiance. And there is also no limit to the number of fall activities you can indulge in along the way. After all, New York has an abundance of historical, artistic, and culinary hotspots. The best way to view the patchwork red and gold landscape is with your discount car rental Manhattan. This tour takes you along the Hudson River. It offers a variety of stops for you to take in the richness of the New York countryside, as well as New York’s many fall activities. Read more

Take Your Manhattan Discount Car Rentals to Theme Parks!

Sure visiting New York is bound to have a full itinerary. There are museums, Central Park, theater, and restaurants to visit – and that’s just the start. Why not include some theme parks in your plans? Here are 6 fantastic parks easy to get to in your Manhattan discount car rentals that are sure to get your heart rate up. Read more

Parking at the Hamptons: Most Coveted Beach Spots

Summer may almost be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next summer. In fact, thinking of sunny beaches may warm your heart as the cool fall and icy winter sets in. If you are planning on getting one of our rent-a-cars from Manhattan and using it to spend some time in the infamous Hamptons during your stay in New York, then there are some things you should know about parking. If you want to park at a beach then you’ll need a permit. The permit policy is strictly enforced and you will be towed and ticketed if you are in violation. Not only that, but for non-residents, permits are available on a yearly basis and for certain beaches, they sell out very quickly. It may require some early planning, but advance preparation will not only get you a prime rental cottage, but a great parking spot. Here’s how: Read more

Central Parking: Your Resource for Parking Garages in NYC

New York is the city that never sleeps and neither does its traffic. It’s one thing to secure yourself a ride with various Manhattan discount car rentals, but finding central parking can be trickier than finding the holy grail. Fortunately, our company has a plenty of garages located all around The Big Apple, so you will never have to worry about whether or not you can park. Read more