Tips on Choosing the Right Car Rental

Sometimes it’s not an easy problem in choosing a car rental. It’s a little tricky. Moreover, all car rental companies usually offer almost the same facilities, low prices, discounts and so on. But there are some things that need attention and we often ignore them, namely service issues. Many of us ignore the service problem. And worse, we are often trapped in the classic reason that the price is a little cheap. Because of the difference in rental prices of 5 to 25 thousand per day, in the end what we get is a less than satisfactory service.

I wrote an article about how to choose this car rental based on personal experience. The story is that one day I was booking a car at a Lombok car rental company. Initially when I contacted, they said “their car rental prices are the cheapest” (really true). Deal price and finally I transfer. Problems arose when I was picked up at Lombok International Airport the next day. The driver who picked me up was long haired in a shabby and saggy jeans jacket. Because I was in a hurry to meet a client, I tried to calm down and not complain. Once in the car, how shocked by the scent in the car. Stuffy and a little fishy. Inquired had inquired it turns out that in the folds of the seat there are salted egg shells scattered. I asked the driver spontaneously, “Sir, has the car not been washed yet? How come there are salted eggshells scattered about.” With a surprised face, the driver swiftly cleaned it. Finally I contacted the rental and complained about everything I experienced. But, the explanation I received from the Lombok car rental company was truly beyond expectations.

“Please understand, sir, the car rental price is very cheap compared to other car rentals! So please understand if there is a little less satisfactory” Dienk, seemed to lock his mouth. I could not understand and became lazy to continue the conversation with the owner of the car rental.

Try to imagine, what does it mean to get a cheap car rental price but the service is in shambles?

Learning from this experience, finally I took the initiative to give a few tips in renting a car. Here are the tips:

3 Ways when renting a car properly and correctly

Choose a Reliable Car Rental

Use the services of a rental car provider that is trusted and has credibility, especially 24 hour service. This is necessary because it can provide a quick solution if something happens with the leased vehicle. Then know for certain what facilities are provided such as professional drivers (be careful, sometimes they hire bemo drivers to become freelance drivers), insurance to the availability of the requested car.

Check the Car to Be Used

Choose a vehicle that has historical maintenance data on a regular basis so that you really know the condition of the car. To find out the data can be asked to the car rental manager. Also make sure to choose a vehicle from the latest year’s output in addition to the comfort that you will get too, usually the condition of the engine is not too damaged.

Determine the Car As Needed

One more thing, keep adjusting to the funds that you have located. Do not be hurried lust choose a car that does not supply all your needs. For example, choosing a city car compared to a bus type car even though the number of passengers you carry a lot. Certainly not a wise choice right?

In addition to the three elements outlined above, it helps you have a discussion with the car rental. That way, the trip back and forth can run smoothly without any significant interference. Hopefully the 3 tips in choosing a car rental above can be useful.