Tips for Adjusting to NYC Van Rental Driving

Every driver knows that each individual car has its own unique quirks and aspects that call for a slight adjustment to driving. More so, every type of vehicle often calls for an adjustment in driving – sometimes more difficult than others. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple this spring and reserving a NYC van rental, then your adjustment period may take a little longer if you’re not used to this size of vehicle.

Don’t fear though! Adjusting to a larger vehicle doesn’t have to be tough. If you know the ways in which you’ll be altering your driving, and if you plan ahead, then you will quickly learn that driving a NYC van rental doesn’t have to be intimidating or tricky. And of course, Action Car Rental is here to help you out. Here are our tips for adjusting your driving to a NYC van rental.

Remember your stopping time

One of the most important things to remember is that the heavier your vehicle is, the longer it is going to take to stop. If you’re in a NYC van rental, especially one with lots of cargo or several passengers, it’s critical that you allow yourself a little extra stopping time in order to avoid rear end collisions.

Begin braking just a little earlier than normal. If you end up stopping too far back from the car in front, that’s okay. It’s always easier to pull your car up a foot or so than it is to go through the insurance hassles of bumping a car in front.

If you’re not sure how much stopping time you’ll need, practice driving around the parking lot a couple of times, braking randomly. Note how long of a distance it requires you to stop, and remember that when driving at traffic speeds, this distance will increase.

In general, it’s usually better to slow your speed down in vans, anyway. Your turns, particularly in a cargo van, aren’t going to be as smooth as in smaller vehicles. Maintain a closer adherence to the speed limit and use calm and steady movements.

Plan your route

The last thing you want to do is drive around NYC aimlessly, lost or looking for parking. Know your route before you head off towards your destination. Have alternative routes planned in case construction or emergencies prevent you from going your original way.

It’s also smart to have your parking planned in advance. Choose your lots and reserve a spot when you can. Of course, you may not always know where you’ll be taking your NYC van rental while you’re in the city, and in that case, get a parking app like iSpot to help you find the best parking without having to wander around.

Know your NYC van rental

Before you head off in your NYC van rental, make sure you know where all the controls in the dash are. Know how to adjust your seating and mirrors if necessary. Possibly most significantly, make sure you know where all of your blind spots are. It will be essential to your safety that you know where your mirrors fail you so that you can account for this while on the road.

Load cargo properly

To make driving with cargo easier, you need to make sure you’ve loaded it properly. The heavy items always go in first, and make sure they are securely fastened down. After that, load in all of your smaller and lighter items. Ensure your cargo is snug, stationary, and won’t have the opportunity to roll and shift as you drive. You don’t want your center of weight to go off balance while on the road.

Anyone can drive a NYC van rental like a pro! Don’t wait until the last minute – reserve your rental car with Action Car Rental today to get the best rates on the best vehicles.

What to Expect From Automotive Technology in 2015

2015 is here, and automotive technology is stepping into top gear to transform the field. Cars for 2015 have already been introduced into the market, to catch that early Christmas and New Year consumer boom. Technologies and accessories aren’t on as tight a time schedule, however, so you probably haven’t seen the latest in automotive news. Being avid New York car rental lovers, we can fill you in.

Experts in the field have been working on technologies for months (sometimes years!), and they’re almost ready to be released. Technologies this year are focusing on putting your safety first. Of course, there are always the gadgets that improve entertainment on your journeys, but this year, engineers seem to be taking on the challenge of reducing fatalities. And they’re doing a great job! Here are some of the technologies you can expect in 2015 (and that we wish all New York car rental could have!). 

Gain night vision

Have you ever wished you had night vision? Well, with BMW’s Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection, you’ll come one step closer to nocturnal sight. A lack of visibility at night is one of the most frequent causes of pedestrian-vehicle collisions on the road.

BMW’s new technology uses infrared cameras to scan the road and send the information to an LCD screen in the dashboard. BMW uses cameras that have a longer line of vision than the human eye or headlights, so you’ll get plenty of warning to any living creatures or obstructions up ahead.

It may be a while until this technology is available for New York car rental, but when it is, we’ll be looking forward to scooping it up!

Volvo’s Run-off road protection system

Volvo’s run-off road protection system is making headway in automotive technology, being the first of its kind. The new technology will be in the 2015 XC90. When it detects that the vehicle is leaving the road, it kicks into high gear and activates certain safety measures. These include tighter seat belts, as well as inducing energy-absorption in the seats to prevent injury.

We certainly hope to see this tech in more New York car rental and vehicles in the future.

Taking the work out of driving with Cruise RP-1

Have you ever wished your car could do the work for you? Unfortunately, self-driving cars haven’t quite hit the mass market, but the Cruise RP-1 gets pretty close. This new technology will allow drivers to relax a little when driving on the highway. Once a driver has activated the Cruise RP-1 on the highway, the car will take over completely to make sure that you don’t ram into another car or swerve into other lanes. At this point, you can entirely give over power of the gas pedal and steering wheel to the car.

No one car will be given this technology. Similar to many other accessories, the Cruise RP-1 will be available for car owners to purchase and install. If you can afford it, that is. The current running cost of the Cruise RP-1 is roughly $10,000. It will be a couple years yet before the technology can be made cost-effectively enough for the common consumer. You certainly won’t find it in any New York car rental anytime soon!

Take away the risk of rear-end collisions

The new 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i will be the first vehicle to host the EyeSight driver-assistance system. This automatic braking system uses cameras in the front of the vehicle to make sure the Subaru brakes as soon as it sees that your vehicle is getting close to the back of another. Able to react quicker than a person can, this new system does a beautiful job of preventing collisions from occurring.

Subaru Legacy New York car rentals

The 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i

If you’re looking for top quality vehicles with the best safety measures, rent your New York car rentals from Action today.

Have Sports Cars Driven Off the Winners’ Platform?

Winter hasn’t left NYC yet, and sports cars have certainly become rarer on the road. In fact, you could almost say they’re extinct during the cold season. But could this endangered status continue throughout spring and summer as well? How many people are choosing sports options for their NYC car rentals?

Once the emperors of luxury cars and the dream of every car lover, sports cars are quickly going out of fashion. In a world that seeks eco-friendly solutions to every pollutant and problem, sports cars no longer seem like a viable option for transportation – whether ownership or in NYC car rentals. Have sports cars maxed out their glory days? Or, are the tight fuel economy regulations simply pushing the minds of sports car engineers to new levels, testing them with greater challenges for fuel efficiency in the hottest cars? Only time will tell.

As it stands right now, here’s the outlook for sports cars in the world of NYC car rentals and ownership.

Fuel economy of sports cars

The fuel economy of sports cars has never been a top contestant for winning the eco-friendly trophy. Sports cars drink up fuel quicker than any sedan, and certainly let out a hefty level of fumes.

Recently, Western governments have been putting stricter regulations on fuel. Most sports cars of the yore just can’t live up to current environmental standards of manufacturing. This took a major hit on the sports car. Consumers no longer want a vehicle that’s going to cost them a fortune to fuel, while pumping out extreme levels of pollution.

Fortunately, sports car manufacturers are taking the hint. There’s been a kick-start in creating more eco-friendly vehicles. The Ford GT and Acura 550 are sports cars that are fast, furious, and (more) fuel-efficient. These are cars you drive in style without as much concern for your ecological impact.

Start-up and maintenance costs

In most expensive purchases, consumers can see the investment value and the return value. If you spend a significant amount of money on a purchase, chances are, it will last and will return money to your account. For years, this was the view that consumers had towards sports cars. Some even hoped to keep their cars long enough and in good enough condition that the car could be seen as a highly valued vintage one day.

Unfortunately, consumers no longer seem to see sports cars as a valid investment. Sports cars are expensive to run, costly to maintain, and can be difficult to repair. If the owner of a sports car doesn’t keep up on maintenance, their car will quickly become valueless. A sports car is only worthwhile so long as it is fast, chic, and doesn’t break down when the driver becomes a little careless.

The rise in NYC car rentals

After the recession, sports cars stopped being top priority. In fact, they stopped being top of the food chain. Suddenly, affordable family vehicles with great longevity and unbeatable gas mileage took the throne for the most desirable cars. Some families stopped bothering owning a car altogether, and NYC car rentals and car sharing saw a massive boom. In this day and age, it’s simply more ecologically and economically friendly to make use of public transit combined with NYC car rentals.

This fact doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of avoiding maintenance costs, fuel prices, insurance fees, and car loans. On top of all this, sports cars can really only be used for half the year. Once the cold hits, for all intents and purposes, the owner of a sports car no longer has a car – unless they own a second one. Then come in the storage fees and winterization costs.

Not only are the economic benefits of avoiding car ownership worth switching to NYC car rentals and ditching sports cars, but the responsibilities that come with ownership can be a burden. For all these reasons, sports cars have undergone a serious decline.


So where’s the sports car now? Where is it going and does it stand a chance in the current market? Or has it driven right off the winners’ platform to be replaced with cute little hybrids and sleek sedans?

Well, with the ecological comeback that is being tested by sports car engineers, it doesn’t look like the sports car is going anywhere just yet – not without a fight. But it certainly will hold an even rarer status as fewer and fewer people can afford the expense.

Don’t get burdened down with luxury expenses. Action offers gorgeous NYC car rentals at great prices with welcoming service. Reserve your NYC car rentals today.

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