What to Expect From Automotive Technology in 2015

2015 is here, and automotive technology is stepping into top gear to transform the field. Cars for 2015 have already been introduced into the market, to catch that early Christmas and New Year consumer boom. Technologies and accessories aren’t on as tight a time schedule, however, so you probably haven’t seen the latest in automotive news. Being avid New York car rental lovers, we can fill you in.

Experts in the field have been working on technologies for months (sometimes years!), and they’re almost ready to be released. Technologies this year are focusing on putting your safety first. Of course, there are always the gadgets that improve entertainment on your journeys, but this year, engineers seem to be taking on the challenge of reducing fatalities. And they’re doing a great job! Here are some of the technologies you can expect in 2015 (and that we wish all New York car rental could have!). 

Gain night vision

Have you ever wished you had night vision? Well, with BMW’s Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection, you’ll come one step closer to nocturnal sight. A lack of visibility at night is one of the most frequent causes of pedestrian-vehicle collisions on the road.

BMW’s new technology uses infrared cameras to scan the road and send the information to an LCD screen in the dashboard. BMW uses cameras that have a longer line of vision than the human eye or headlights, so you’ll get plenty of warning to any living creatures or obstructions up ahead.

It may be a while until this technology is available for New York car rental, but when it is, we’ll be looking forward to scooping it up!

Volvo’s Run-off road protection system

Volvo’s run-off road protection system is making headway in automotive technology, being the first of its kind. The new technology will be in the 2015 XC90. When it detects that the vehicle is leaving the road, it kicks into high gear and activates certain safety measures. These include tighter seat belts, as well as inducing energy-absorption in the seats to prevent injury.

We certainly hope to see this tech in more New York car rental and vehicles in the future.

Taking the work out of driving with Cruise RP-1

Have you ever wished your car could do the work for you? Unfortunately, self-driving cars haven’t quite hit the mass market, but the Cruise RP-1 gets pretty close. This new technology will allow drivers to relax a little when driving on the highway. Once a driver has activated the Cruise RP-1 on the highway, the car will take over completely to make sure that you don’t ram into another car or swerve into other lanes. At this point, you can entirely give over power of the gas pedal and steering wheel to the car.

No one car will be given this technology. Similar to many other accessories, the Cruise RP-1 will be available for car owners to purchase and install. If you can afford it, that is. The current running cost of the Cruise RP-1 is roughly $10,000. It will be a couple years yet before the technology can be made cost-effectively enough for the common consumer. You certainly won’t find it in any New York car rental anytime soon!

Take away the risk of rear-end collisions

The new 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i will be the first vehicle to host the EyeSight driver-assistance system. This automatic braking system uses cameras in the front of the vehicle to make sure the Subaru brakes as soon as it sees that your vehicle is getting close to the back of another. Able to react quicker than a person can, this new system does a beautiful job of preventing collisions from occurring.

Subaru Legacy New York car rentals

The 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i

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