Run a Car Rental Business? Do These 5 Ways To Overcome Existing Risks

ActionCarRental – In living this life, there are always risks in everything. No exception when we run a business or business. This becomes something that needs to be anticipated to overcome all risks that arise in running a business. In an entrepreneur, you will indeed be required to understand and find ways to overcome any risks that arise.

From here later the level of loss that appears will be reduced or minimized. With a reduced business risk burden of course you will be able to run a business safely and comfortably.
Car Rental Business Risks

ActionCarRental – In this fast-paced era and era, the car rental business is an increasingly promising thing. However, of course this business is not free from risk. Some risks that can approach you as a car rental business such as theft of a car by unscrupulous tenants, mortgage of a rental car or sale of a car by the tenant to another party.

Not to mention there are still other risks such as the use of rental cars for crime, tenants who violate car return agreements without notice to car renters who are not responsible for leaving the rental car in certain areas with the aim of not wanting or not being able to pay rent.

With the existence of some of the risks above, of course you do not want this risk to occur in the car rental business that you are running. Therefore, you are required to have several ways to anticipate these risky events. Things you can do to anticipate risks that occur include:

  1. Do a Good Rental Administration

ActionCarRental The way to anticipate the risk of the first car rental business is to make good administration. Neat administrative management can make you calm and comfortable in running this business. This happens because of the existence of rental cars that can always be controlled. One of the things in managing administration is to make a checklist for every transaction in a rental.

  1. Tightening the Requirements in Car Thickening

Car rental businesses that do not provide any conditions to car renters, generally have a high risk of abuse of rental cars. Therefore, so that this does not happen to the business that you are running, the terms of the conditions in the loan transaction is one way that you can do.

You should not hesitate in providing requirements. One of the requirements that you can apply is to be required to provide important documents, say for example the original KTP, family card (KK) and other important documents.

  1. Install Tracking Devices on Rental Cars

Another important way is to create a security system for rented cars. What you can do is to install a tracking device on the car. In this way, you can find out the location of the car that is brought by the tenant. To implement this method, it does require substantial funds.

The average price of a car tracking device on the market is around Rp 1.8 million to Rp 3 million. But with this security system, we can monitor the car that you are renting so as to minimize the risks that arise due to car borrowers who are not responsible.

  1. Assessing Prospective Borrowers

In every transaction carried out, you have the right to make an assessment of prospective car renters. An assessment that you can do is to make observations of how the attitudes and speech of the borrower. You can also give some questions related to the purpose of car rental.

From this assessment, you can conclude whether the leasing to the lessee has a high risk or not. Eventually you will be able to decide whether you will rent to the tenant or not.

  1. Join the Car Rental Entrepreneurs Association

The last way you can do to overcome the risks that arise is to join a car rental business association. By working with these associations which generally already exist in each city, you will receive many benefits.

This is because in general the association has been connected with the National Police as an official who will assist members of the car rental business association. So in this way, you can minimize the risk of crime or crime in the car rental business that you run.