Have Sports Cars Driven Off the Winners’ Platform?

Winter hasn’t left NYC yet, and sports cars have certainly become rarer on the road. In fact, you could almost say they’re extinct during the cold season. But could this endangered status continue throughout spring and summer as well? How many people are choosing sports options for their NYC car rentals?

Once the emperors of luxury cars and the dream of every car lover, sports cars are quickly going out of fashion. In a world that seeks eco-friendly solutions to every pollutant and problem, sports cars no longer seem like a viable option for transportation – whether ownership or in NYC car rentals. Have sports cars maxed out their glory days? Or, are the tight fuel economy regulations simply pushing the minds of sports car engineers to new levels, testing them with greater challenges for fuel efficiency in the hottest cars? Only time will tell.

As it stands right now, here’s the outlook for sports cars in the world of NYC car rentals and ownership.

Fuel economy of sports cars

The fuel economy of sports cars has never been a top contestant for winning the eco-friendly trophy. Sports cars drink up fuel quicker than any sedan, and certainly let out a hefty level of fumes.

Recently, Western governments have been putting stricter regulations on fuel. Most sports cars of the yore just can’t live up to current environmental standards of manufacturing. This took a major hit on the sports car. Consumers no longer want a vehicle that’s going to cost them a fortune to fuel, while pumping out extreme levels of pollution.

Fortunately, sports car manufacturers are taking the hint. There’s been a kick-start in creating more eco-friendly vehicles. The Ford GT and Acura 550 are sports cars that are fast, furious, and (more) fuel-efficient. These are cars you drive in style without as much concern for your ecological impact.

Start-up and maintenance costs

In most expensive purchases, consumers can see the investment value and the return value. If you spend a significant amount of money on a purchase, chances are, it will last and will return money to your account. For years, this was the view that consumers had towards sports cars. Some even hoped to keep their cars long enough and in good enough condition that the car could be seen as a highly valued vintage one day.

Unfortunately, consumers no longer seem to see sports cars as a valid investment. Sports cars are expensive to run, costly to maintain, and can be difficult to repair. If the owner of a sports car doesn’t keep up on maintenance, their car will quickly become valueless. A sports car is only worthwhile so long as it is fast, chic, and doesn’t break down when the driver becomes a little careless.

The rise in NYC car rentals

After the recession, sports cars stopped being top priority. In fact, they stopped being top of the food chain. Suddenly, affordable family vehicles with great longevity and unbeatable gas mileage took the throne for the most desirable cars. Some families stopped bothering owning a car altogether, and NYC car rentals and car sharing saw a massive boom. In this day and age, it’s simply more ecologically and economically friendly to make use of public transit combined with NYC car rentals.

This fact doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of avoiding maintenance costs, fuel prices, insurance fees, and car loans. On top of all this, sports cars can really only be used for half the year. Once the cold hits, for all intents and purposes, the owner of a sports car no longer has a car – unless they own a second one. Then come in the storage fees and winterization costs.

Not only are the economic benefits of avoiding car ownership worth switching to NYC car rentals and ditching sports cars, but the responsibilities that come with ownership can be a burden. For all these reasons, sports cars have undergone a serious decline.


So where’s the sports car now? Where is it going and does it stand a chance in the current market? Or has it driven right off the winners’ platform to be replaced with cute little hybrids and sleek sedans?

Well, with the ecological comeback that is being tested by sports car engineers, it doesn’t look like the sports car is going anywhere just yet – not without a fight. But it certainly will hold an even rarer status as fewer and fewer people can afford the expense.

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