Types of Cars That Are Suitable For Car Rental

Along with the development of the era, the development of business in Indonesia is growing rapidly, a lot of land and business sectors are carried out by the majority of Indonesian people, one of the businesses that is currently quite developing in Indonesia is the car rental or car rental business. Although it is not a new business, in fact it is often the choice of many people who want to open a business because of its large income.

Of course this car rental business is closely related to the vehicle used for rent. Many things you need to consider before choosing the right vehicle for rent. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the right type of car for rental

  1. First you have to think about when choosing a vehicle that is used for rental business is the type of car that is easy to maintain. This is because the car will be used every day even in a considerable distance. So care is certainly needed to keep our vehicles in order to remain durable and long-lasting in their use.
  2. Choose a car that is economical in fuel usage. or you can add special tools that are used to control fuel consumption.
  3. Usually many consumers need a type of car that can accommodate a large number of passengers. So that a car with a spacious cabin might be suitable for your rental business like a kind of MPV or if you want a little practical then you can rent a mini MPV car.
  4. Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is the safety of the car you are renting. At present the crime in Indonesia has become more violent and fearless. To prevent the risk of bad risks that can occur, try to install a special tracking device such as GPS. So you can minimize the risk of losing your leased vehicle

Types of Cars That Are Suitable For Rental Business

Kijang Innova

This type of MPV car is in high demand by consumers because of its large and spacious car cabin. The size of this car has a length of 4,555 mm, width of 1,770 mm, and height of 1,750 mm which can accommodate many passengers up to 7 people. Performance engine is also capable of producing power of 102 Ps so it can be relied upon to drive long distances. not only that, there is an electric power steering system technology that greatly facilitates the driver in driving it.

Coupled with the latest system that can make a car engine emit maximum power even though the use of fuel is very economical. Innova Kijang car engine is divided into two series of gasoline engines and diesel engines.
The Kijang Innova is somewhat an old car, but the Kijang Innova has undergone 4 changes in appearance and features from 2006 to 2012. So it is always updated related to engine technology and car design

Toyota Veloz

This car is actually the latest form of a comprehensive model from Avanza. This model was launched in 2011.
Same with the Kijang Innova, this car is MPV type and has a cabin that is spacious enough to accommodate 7 passengers. In addition, the car seat is equipped with a level of comfort that you can set yourself. There is also a one touch tumble feature that can help you adjust the position of the seat or car seat.

Car engine DO-IC 4 Cylinder 16-valve owned by Toyota Veloz is equipped with EFI technology or injection system that can make the engine more powerful but still fuel efficient. To use 1 liter of fuel it can be used up to 13 kilometers. In addition, Toyota Veloz is also equipped with the latest security and entertainment systems

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Produced by Honda Motor Company in 2011, this MVP mini car is indeed quite in demand in the world of car rental business. The body design of the car is elegant and simple, attracting many hearts of consumers who want to rent it.

This car is perfect for consumers who are looking for a sporty, elegant and practical car. With car body specifications about 3,955 x 1,694 x 1,524 mm can accommodate about 5 passengers in the car. In addition, there is Drive by Wire technology support that can control the opening and closing of the throttle which is capable of producing maximum engine performance while remaining economical in fuel usage

Toyota Calya

The car, which was launched on August 11, 2016 at the 2016 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), was included in the new car product, but this Toyota output car successfully won the hearts of the Indonesian people. The cabin of this car is quite large and can accommodate up to 7 passengers in it. This is because Toyota Calya uses the concept of the bubble head lining design which is the shape of the car roof in the form of a C pillar that is more bulging upward, this will make the passenger can sit comfortably even though the roof of the car is low.

Toyota Calya is also economical in fuel usage and can be said to be an LCGC car. For use of 1 liter of fuel can reach distances of up to 20 kilometers on the highway route. This car is also equipped with one touch tumble feature, the middle seat with sliding up to the rear seat so the seat or seat can be folded easily. Of course, with these specifications make your customers satisfied after renting this car