Take a Look at our Sprinter Van Rental New York

Pop Quiz: How do you transport 15 people safely, stylishly and affordably in NYC?

Answer: With a Mercedes Sprinter Van Rental New York, of course! Designed for discerning travelers, the Sprinter van combines functional with exclusivity in order to provide New York travelers with the very best extended NYC van rental imaginable. Specially ordered from Mercedes’ conversion factory, our Sprinter Van Rental New York has been upgraded from the standard 12-seat design to a full 15-seat arrangement, making it one of our fleet’s most exclusive models. When it comes to accommodating a large group of travelers, never assume that you have to sacrifice style for space. With our Sprinter van rental, you can have both!

Award-winning Transportation

When it comes to top-notch transportation, Action goes the extra mile to provide our customers with the best selection of vehicles in the city. That’s why adding the Sprinter Van Rental New York to our fleet was such an easy decision. The proud recipient of three Best Fleet Value in America awards, the Sprinter extended van is one vehicle you definitely don’t want to miss.

Put the Sprinter to Work For You

Reliability is key when it comes to a commercial van rental. With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter extended van, you can rest knowing that your cargo is riding in an exceptionally engineered machine. First, there’s the engine. A new OM651 2-stage turbocharged diesel recognized for its economy and durability. Capable of producing 265 pounds per foot of torque, the Sprinter’s engine has all the get-up-and-go you could possibly need.

The engine isn’t the only mechanical feature that received an upgrade on this extended van rental. The new 7G-TRONIC 7-speed transmission not only reduces interior noise in the Sprinter but also lowers the cost of vehicle maintenance. This is because the seven-gear design improves acceleration, while the short shift times help smooth out the van’s ride. More gears also help contribute to slower engine speeds, which helps with lower fuel consumption.

Go Blue

A low rental price isn’t the only way to save money on your Sprinter Van Rental New York. Fuel efficiency is another very important factor to consider. With the Sprinter’s new BlueEFFICIENCY technology, extended van rental customers will enjoy the benefits of a fuel-saving and emission-reducing 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. Optimized with new features that include a regulated fuel pump, efficiency-enhanced alternator and an ECO steering pump. At the end of the day, extended van rental travelers will be pleased to note that our Sprinter van meets the most stringent emission standards. It delivers up to 18 percent better fuel economy over other V6, 5-speed transmission models.

The Look of Comfort

Extended van rentals are rarely recognized for their style or sophistication, but then again, most extended vans aren’t crafted by the experts at Mercedes Benz. Redesigned with a bold and progressive profile, the Sprinter’s exterior is instantly recognizable. From the confident radiator grille to the reshaped headlights, the Sprinter’s distinctive front end makes a memorable first impression. The recontoured hood further accentuates the dramatic roofline, making way for a spacious interior.

The interior of the Sprinter van rental is both comfortable and functional, providing occupants with exceptional leg, shoulder and head room. Inside the cockpit, extended van rental travelers will enjoy upgrades like a standard large 5.8” color display; supportive, durable seats and an iPod interface.

Maneuverability Made Easy

The first time driving an extended van rental can be a bit intimidating. Piloting an oversized vehicle takes some time to get used to, after all. Thankfully, our Sprinter Van Rental New York customers tend to have no problem managing our Sprinter extended van rental thanks to a variety of high-tech stability features. As the only van in its segment that features standard Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Programming, the Sprinter helps drivers perform their job with greater safety and precision.

A Legacy of Smart Design

Since its introduction in 1995, Mercedes Benz has worked tireless to craft a safe, fuel efficient passenger van. The latest Sprinter model is the culmination of this pursuit, providing larger New York City travel groups with an affordable, fashionable travel alternative. A testament to the pioneering spirit of Mercedes Benz, the Sprinter Van Rental New York continues to set the industry standard for reliability and technological advancement.

Plan Your Group Outing in a Sprinter

When it comes to large group transport, don’t sacrifice comfort for space. With the Sprinter extended van rental you can easily accommodate 15 fully grown adults… with room to spare! After all, Sprinter is one of the most intelligent commercial vehicles on the road today. This van consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers, providing them with exceptional fuel efficiency and an all-around enjoyable ride. But don’t take our word for it! Book the Sprinter Van Rental New York to see for yourself how Mercedes-Benz is reimagining group transportation.