Tips for Adjusting to NYC Van Rental Driving

Every driver knows that each individual car has its own unique quirks and aspects that call for a slight adjustment to driving. More so, every type of vehicle often calls for an adjustment in driving – sometimes more difficult than others. If you’re traveling to the Big Apple this spring and reserving a NYC van rental, then your adjustment period may take a little longer if you’re not used to this size of vehicle.

Don’t fear though! Adjusting to a larger vehicle doesn’t have to be tough. If you know the ways in which you’ll be altering your driving, and if you plan ahead, then you will quickly learn that driving a NYC van rental doesn’t have to be intimidating or tricky. And of course, Action Car Rental is here to help you out. Here are our tips for adjusting your driving to a NYC van rental.

Remember your stopping time

One of the most important things to remember is that the heavier your vehicle is, the longer it is going to take to stop. If you’re in a NYC van rental, especially one with lots of cargo or several passengers, it’s critical that you allow yourself a little extra stopping time in order to avoid rear end collisions.

Begin braking just a little earlier than normal. If you end up stopping too far back from the car in front, that’s okay. It’s always easier to pull your car up a foot or so than it is to go through the insurance hassles of bumping a car in front.

If you’re not sure how much stopping time you’ll need, practice driving around the parking lot a couple of times, braking randomly. Note how long of a distance it requires you to stop, and remember that when driving at traffic speeds, this distance will increase.

In general, it’s usually better to slow your speed down in vans, anyway. Your turns, particularly in a cargo van, aren’t going to be as smooth as in smaller vehicles. Maintain a closer adherence to the speed limit and use calm and steady movements.

Plan your route

The last thing you want to do is drive around NYC aimlessly, lost or looking for parking. Know your route before you head off towards your destination. Have alternative routes planned in case construction or emergencies prevent you from going your original way.

It’s also smart to have your parking planned in advance. Choose your lots and reserve a spot when you can. Of course, you may not always know where you’ll be taking your NYC van rental while you’re in the city, and in that case, get a parking app like iSpot to help you find the best parking without having to wander around.

Know your NYC van rental

Before you head off in your NYC van rental, make sure you know where all the controls in the dash are. Know how to adjust your seating and mirrors if necessary. Possibly most significantly, make sure you know where all of your blind spots are. It will be essential to your safety that you know where your mirrors fail you so that you can account for this while on the road.

Load cargo properly

To make driving with cargo easier, you need to make sure you’ve loaded it properly. The heavy items always go in first, and make sure they are securely fastened down. After that, load in all of your smaller and lighter items. Ensure your cargo is snug, stationary, and won’t have the opportunity to roll and shift as you drive. You don’t want your center of weight to go off balance while on the road.

Anyone can drive a NYC van rental like a pro! Don’t wait until the last minute – reserve your rental car with Action Car Rental today to get the best rates on the best vehicles.