mercedes-S550Mercedes Benz S550 4matic

Prepare to Be Blown Away

Make A Memorable Impression

You’ve only got one chance to make a memorable first impression during your upcoming trip to NYC. Luckily, our New York car rental customers will have no problem turning heads thanks to our latest vehicle addition. Our new 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 4matic rental is the epitome of perfection, providing New York travellers with a ride that’s as sophisticated as it is efficient. Whether you’re in the Big Apple for work or pleasure, nothing sets the tone of your trip quite like arriving in a beautifully engineered automobile.

The new Mercedes Benz S550 4matic has all the trappings of an outstanding ride: a sleek exterior, spacious interior and one of the best engines on the market. Now with 449 horsepower, the 4.6-liter V8 boasts twin turbos capable of delivering more torque from less fuel. And that’s just the beginning. Our latest New York car rental addition ha a clear focus on efficiency and environmental stewardship, thanks to a fuel-saving ECO Start/Stop system that automatically shuts off the engine during idle situations.

Smooth and responsive, the S550 4matic features a 7-speed automatic that’s tuned for performance. Two overdrive ratios help enhance highway fuel-efficiency while the AIRMATIC semi-active suspension adjusts automatically to changing driving conditions and additional cargo by lowering the ride height at higher speeds – a change that ultimately improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle, increasing stability and efficiency.

Enjoy the Drive

New York car rental travellers don’t just drive this Mercedes, they practically become a part of the vehicle themselves, piloting this impressive feat of engineering around many of the city’s tightest corners. Re-engineered in order to support a lighter system weight and quicker response, the AIRMATIC semi-automatic suspension alleviates a great deal of the discomfort experienced when driving Manhattan’s weathered roads.

Take a Good Look

Designed to catch the eye of motorists the world over, the S550 4matic has an air about it that’s instantly identifiable as a Mercedes S-Class vehicle. Sleeker and more athletic than previous models, the new S550 pairs a larger grille with subtle detailing to embody confidence, elegance and an undeniable presence.

For the Tech Savvy Traveller

From audio to navigation, New York car rental travellers will find a number of unique technological advancements inside the new-generation Cockpit Management and Data system.

Lights Out

When it comes to innovation, the S550 is well ahead of the curve. The first car designed without a single light bulb, our newest Mercedes New York car rental features an elaborate LED ambient lighting system.