The Intermediate SUV is the perfect 5 passenger vehicles, but has a third row that will seat a total of 7 passengers. For the person who wants to drive an All Wheel Drive in the rain or winter snow, our beautiful Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect SUV. Our Intermediate SUV has flip down middle bench seat and rear seat for a lot of storage space behind the driver and passenger. Or you can only flip down the rear seat for exceptional space behind the second row.

Our Intermediate SUV has power windows, power side view mirrors, Air Conditioning, and phone charger outlets, and Bluetooth. The Intermediate SUV has a 6 cylinder automatic transmission drivetrain for very good fuel efficiency. They are easy to park and have Front and Side airbags. The Intermediate SUVs are Hyundai Santa Fes and are luxurious, powerful, extremely quiet, with excellent handling and power. You will love this SUV.