With Rp 10 million Already Can Car Rental Business

KOMPAS.com – Car rental business will remain prospective as long as people still need a vehicle to travel. One company that offers this service is the AutoBridal Group. The company, which also has a car salon business unit, offers car rental services through the AutoBridal Rent Car business flag.

This car rental business unit was established in 2012 and offers business partnerships at the same time. Kiki Charina Putri, Marketing Director of AutoBridal Group said, currently AutoBridal Rent Car already has four franchise masters and five branches in major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

If you want to become a business partner, AutoBridal Rent Car offers three investment packages. First, business unit packages start from Rp. 195 million. Second, the sub-master package is worth Rp 300 million to Rp 500 million, and the master package is worth Rp 500 million to Rp 1 billion. There is also an agent package that only serves as a liaison between business unit partners and sub masters or master franchises worth Rp 10 million.

The facility obtained by partners is a five-year collaboration. The business unit package will get one unit of Avanza type e 2015. While the sub master package and master package will get three units of Avanza or Innova type e 2015. The difference is that the sub master area coverage only controls the scope of the city or district, while the master package holds provincial scope.

Pay attention to financial statements To become a submaster or master franchise, partners must prepare a 30 m² land. Sub master and master partners will receive administrative support, employee recruitment, full management from the parent company. “So this collaboration system does not need partners to run operations,” said Kiki. After the business is stable, the center will collect a royalty of around Rp. 5 million per month.

Rental services at this place are charged Rp 275,000 per 12 hours and Rp 350,000 per 24 hours for Avanza. As for Innova, the 12 hourly fee is IDR 400,000, around IDR 500,000 per 24 hours. For the master franchise package, the target is to rent around 60 units of cars per day with a daily turnover of Rp. 18 million. After deducting operational costs, partners can still reap a net profit of around 20 percent. So that the return on investment is targeted around one to two years. Kiki said, the excess of this offer is a reliable central management in conducting business in the automotive field.

Erwin Halim, a business observer from Proverb Consulting, said that car rental businesses have sprung up. “Business partners must examine whether there are guarantees that cars will be rented every day by investing their cars in this business,” he said. In addition, the parent company must also be able to prove in advance the promised financial projections.